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Organize - HR Council

Our HR tools

Understand business / customer trajectories that will create added value

After analyzing your needs, ESPRIT-RH ensures the following missions:

  • Le diagnostic et l'update de vos process RH post Covid
  • La mise en place du télétravail de l'étude des besoins jusqu'à l'application de l'accord
  • Total compensation study, external internal, variability strategy
  • Competency Management for Operations
  • Sustainability applied to HR
  • Diagnosis of HR procedures and compliance adaptation plan
  • Diagnosis of the recruitment process and / reengineering
  • Survey and monitoring of the social climate, survey before making decisions in different fields
  • Total or partial outsourcing of the human resources function (legal, recruitment, social relations) and provision of a timeshare HRD
  • Legal and social advice at a distance (hotline)
  • Creation or redesign of the job classification system (change of collective agreement, for example)
  • Skills assessments (via the tool developed by ESPRIT-RH: Strategic Career Management ®)
  • Achievement of individual outplacements of executives and managers
  • Anticipate changes with a forecast management of jobs and skills (GPEC)
  • Set up a system for detecting and managing potential
  • Accompany a change, a reorganization,
  • Securing the delegation to better manage,
  • Lay the foundations of a CSR with a rational plan in the long term,
  • Design, prepare and run a management seminar,
  • Adapt his management and his action strategy to his team,
  • Recruitment strategy and process,
  • Tax optimization of the HR position,
  • Studies and job creations, formalization of job descriptions,
  • Achievement of 360 °. Managerial diagnosis
  • Conducting reorganization projects in the context of company growth or market adaptation: audit of management systems, recommendations, formalization of timed and budgeted action plans, project management to support executives in the implementation implement solutions.
  • Deployment of managerial reporting tools (Beam-Report ®)
  • Process audit and certification (in partnership with Véritas)
  • Diagnosis of adaptation to transnational functioning
  • Skills assessments (via the tool developed by ESPRIT-RH: Strategic Career Management ®)


Coaching is a personal development approach that generally responds to an identified professional challenge:

  • Taking on a new role, a new responsibility issue,
  • Improved performance (qualitative or quantitative objectives, personal organization, priority management),
  • Improvement of its decision-making process in a complex environment,
  • Development of his personal affirmation and the impact of his communication.
  • Our coaches, company executives with more than 10 years of experience, practice demanding, structured and supervised coaching.

The ideal profile of the Coach: demystify beliefs!

The coach was, ideally before becoming a coach, endowed with a technical, pedagogical and managerial know-how.

In reality, strong in its more or less application-oriented, more or less fundamental training, it is necessary to leave aside its original technical competence to apply its coaching methodology, adopt a listening posture and make the least possible reference to his experience to let his client be the inventor of his own ways of progress.

The coach, more or less psychologist in nature, more or less ambitious temperament, more or less assertive behavior, took care to identify his own beliefs to bring out those of his client.

The coach takes care to be supervised, sometimes to feel less alone in the face of the client or too demanding but always to optimize his practice, objectify his vision and discuss options.

With each situation his coach, with each potentiality his guide, it is therefore prudent to validate upstream the complementarity and affinity of people. The choice of the coach is certainly an upstream analysis of the issues, objectives, potential, capabilities but also the depth of knowledge, as much as it can be, know-how and know to be candidates for the conduct of the mission.

Esprit-RH will bring this added value to guarantee the good end of the coaching mission that you will entrust to him.

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Because the exchange is structuring in a project, to understand each other and to create trust: A senior consultant will listen to you.


Our customers regularly ask us to answer organizational, managerial, individual or collective problems.
Within the framework of global solutions we offer training engineering and training to best meet the challenges of our customers. Our added value lies in the identification of problems and the implementation of adapted training.

L'activité Formation bénéficie de la certification Datadock ouvrant droit aux différents financements de la formation.

We have solutions around the following themes:

  • Management cycle

  • Business cycle

  • Personal efficiency cycle

Certifié pour l'APPUI CONSEIL RH pour les TPE-PME par La Dirrecte

La prestation de conseil en ressources humaines de la DIRECCTE Occitanie vous permet de bénéficier d’un accompagnement cofinancé par l’Etat à hauteur de 50% maximum du coût de la prestation, plafonné à 15 000 €.

Dans le cadre particulier de la crise sanitaire et jusqu’à la fin de l’année 2020, la prise en charge peut être gratuite pour l’entreprise dans la limite d’un certain plafond (15 000 € si l’Etat finance seul, ou jusqu’à 30 000 € par exemple si un cofinancement est apporté par votre OPCO).