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Perform with HR - StartUp Solution

Create, scaler and in between sometimes survive ...

As many steps as the creator, as experienced as it is, can not cross without advice. Human resources such as finance and R & D are strategic. Because the HRD can not be in the company from the beginning we designed, on the basis of 10 years of experience, an offer dedicated to Startup.
All our services involve a team, because the points of view are different, because the best solutions are in the collective intelligence, if you exchange iteratively with a consultant he will exchange in turn with our team. By entrusting us with a mission, you will be sure to benefit from an extensive experience and different perceptions of perception: HR, Business, Orga, Lawyer.

At each stage his problem

let's get off to a good start

Let's start getting to know each other, discuss your business and your HR strategy.

Never done recruitment?

Let's learn together to beat the pitfalls in two hours of training.

A first consultation

Let's talk concretely about one of your skills needs and discuss our solutions to the package or the time spent.

We know each other well then ...

A developer misses you and everything is depopulated, ESPRIT-RH finds it in less than 15 days.

Recruit my first Sales Rep

The sales take off, ESPRIT-RH recruits quickly a business developer ++ with a guaranteed service.

An A series approaching ...

Let's talk about profiles, deadlines and commitments for massive recruitment

scaler internally, the method first

To scaler I have to harden my organ, define the target organ, make a road map and then a realistic staffing plan

To serve or to fail

To scaler in a more secure way should I choose to staff from the top or the bottom?

If I had a super cador ...

Need a big size, put the price or give up, can we do otherwise

Keep my talents

Success drives us, big orders are hard and talents leave us: ESPRIT-RH helps you manage critical skills

You have a development project, a need HR, a challenge, a thorn in the foot, contact us is the insurance to discuss with a senior consultant and move towards the solution.

Our customers speak best

Esprit-RH in 3 words ...

  • écoute et volonté d'adaptation
  • Discours Concis, évaluation approfondie, recrutement rapide
  • Adapté, efficace et professionnel
    Jean-Charles GARCIA, SYCOMORE
  • Agilité, professionnalisme, personnalisé
  • à l'écoute, pro active, diversifié
    Sébastien Judenherc, STANEO
  • Compétence, professionnalisme et implication
    Samuel BOURY, UBLEAM
  • Sérieux & Services adaptés aux types de structures
    Julien Chardon, ILEK
  • Conseil, accompagnement, proximité
    Mathieu Sacrispeire, INTESENS