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Undertake - StartUp Solution

We know you ...

Since 2012 ESPRIT-RH works in the ecosystem of creators and technology project holders.
The startup is not a UFO it is a living organism that responds to the rules of life:

  • In very close interaction with the environment, especially its market
  • In time, the 'here and now' more than any other structure
  • Human biology adds its rules to the imperatives of technology
  • The labor market and its codes partially meet the need for skills
  • First commercial recruitment
  • Clarify the org
  • Validation of profiles and options
  • Time saving on HRs
  • Technical profile sourcing
  • Human vision of the startup
  • Relationship of trust and listening
  • Proximity of advice
  • Secure recruitment process

More proximity
To better accompany you ...

With 25 years of HR consulting in fast-growing SMEs, we have to add experience to take into account the initial conditions to develop recruitment or organization solutions that are:

  • '100% made to measure', Agile, inexpensive and quickly operational in a given context.

We apply simple values to serve the purpose of the creator and his skill needs:

  • We engage as if we were co-investor
  • We mobilize with him and his team as if survival was at stake
  • Take a step back to challenge the solutions

Our customers speak best

Esprit-RH in 3 words ...

  • écoute et volonté d'adaptation
  • Discours Concis, évaluation approfondie, recrutement rapide
  • Adapté, efficace et professionnel
    Jean-Charles GARCIA, SYCOMORE
  • Agilité, professionnalisme, personnalisé
  • à l'écoute, pro active, diversifié
    Sébastien Judenherc, STANEO
  • Compétence, professionnalisme et implication
    Samuel BOURY, UBLEAM
  • Sérieux & Services adaptés aux types de structures
    Julien Chardon, ILEK
  • Conseil, accompagnement, proximité
    Mathieu Sacrispeire, INTESENS